Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Tremendous Tension of Midlife: How Do You Cope?

"Would you say that in many respects you have put together a pretty good life? Would you also acknowledge that in the midst of that life you are now living - you have a deep and inescapable sense that there is something vital for you to live- that you are not yet living? Can you relate to the well known statement of Dante: "In the middle of the journey of my life, I came to myself within a dark wood where the straightway was utterly lost." If you can, you may be experiencing what I call the tremendous tension of midlife. I am using ‘tremendous’ in both meanings of the word - tremendous as in a very large amount and tremendous as in really, really great. I would like to offer you some unique perspective on what a truly tremendous benefit the tension of mid life holds. At stake at this crossroads are the most important and significant matters that one can engage over the course of their life. How you navigate this tremendous tension has the potential to leave you dashed on the rocks. Or it can help you open a way to the deep satisfaction and joy that emerge as you begin to walk on the path that is only yours to walk. Whether you consider yourself a candidate for the crisis of midlife or someone close to you is in its grip, I’d like to offer you a positive and practical understanding of the experience."

To learn more about coping with midlife crisis, be sure to read the entire article.

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