Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome to Midlife Crisis Help

Welcome to Midlife Crisis Help. This blog is for anyone grappling with the unique and important challenges of Midlife. "Midlife" is not meant literally as who knows if they are in the middle of their life or how much time clock time we have left to keep breathing here. Midlife is more of a metaphor that describes an important juncture on our way to figuring out how to welcome the full expression of the life we are meant to live. We might also encounter more than one such critical junctures. I have been reflecting deeply on the nature of this crisis for a number of years. My interest is driven by attempting to understand my own experience as well as the experience of those who I have worked with as a professional psychologist.

I believe there are a number of vital and far reaching matters that are at stake in what is commonly referred to as a 'midlife crisis'. There are hazards to be avoided if we are going to survive our crisis with a sense of integrity and sanity. And there are tremendous benefits to successfully navigating our way when confronted with an inescapable crisis. My intention for this blog is that be a help and resource to those on the midlife journey.


  1. Terrific resource! Great to see this new blog and your work in a much needed area. I have managed to navigate my own "MLC" with the help of my own wise counsel, and a deepening trust into my own intuitive guidance. Now I am living into a whole new realm of possibilities in the world. I could never have predicted that I'd be out living in Boulder and beginning my psychotherapy practice again... or that I would get to walk in the mountains each and every day... rather than spending my life driving on the highways of New Jersey. But here I am. Good luck to a fellow traveler!

  2. Thank you Celia, May all your possibilities abound!