Saturday, October 23, 2010

Perturbation at Midlife, Part II

The definition of the verb perturb is to "...throw into great disorder; to derange". The Perturbation of Midlife can be a time where life, as you have know it, is deranged and thrown into great disorder. That disorder can be external, taking the form of major disruptions in the world of relationships and work. You are contemplating leaving a long term relationship, or your partner is contemplating leaving you. Or perhaps you have taken a major economic blow in your career and have no idea what the future might hold. Or conversely, the old order may all still be in place in the external world, but you feel an inner unraveling. It feels as if business as usual is, or is about to be, threatened in a very significant way. The third possibility is that the "derangement" might be full blown and both are true.. you feel an inner unraveling - AND there is already major disruptions in some or all of your major roles in life.

The point of this thread is that the perturbation of midlife is a naturally occurring phenomena. If properly understand and navigated, it can be a positive force which reorders us to a new level of higher functioning - a clearer sense that we are on our own path. We are more here in some significant way. In nature the process happens -well naturally. An acorn does not have a midlife crisis and say: "This acorn thing is not working out for me. I feel I am destined for something much bigger and greater"; or "I really would like to run off one of those seedlings that can float on the air". It simply surrenders to the pressure of the elements, its acorn self becomes completely disassembled and deranged, and a new form , the mighty oak, emerges. For humans however, it seems the process requires some conscious understanding, choice and skill. Otherwise the pressure comes - we experience the chaos - but the new re-organization to a new and higher level does not really take place.

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