Friday, November 5, 2010

Midlife Fantasies

To successfully navigate a midlife crisis you must adopt a useful relationship with your fantasies.    Fantasies can emerge with a vengeance at midlife.  They are typically formed out of certain important needs that have not been really attended to in the life you have built to date.     Someone told me recently they fantasized about having three months away from their business to wander leisurely to California and back.   Though they did not consider this 'realistic', it was still important to pay attention to what the fantasy was trying to say about what was missing.    In a  nutshell, the 'useful relationship' to your fantasies is to listen deeply to their underlying message without 1) taking them too literally by acting prematurely and thoughtlessly or 2) denying them altogether as irrelevant and impractical in your life.    I will come back to this subject later.

© Copyright David Aspenson

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