Sunday, November 7, 2010

Midlife Fantasies

I was thinking today while driving home from my Sunday afternoon hike that some might think it irresponsible to encourage people to listen to their fantasies.  In the movie American Beauty the main character, (played by Kevin Spacey-one of my favorite actors) was pining after a teenage girl- a friend of his daughters no less.   If I remember correctly,  his fantasy even included some rose petals on the bed.    Would we encourage that fantasy?   Of course not.   But does that fantasy suggest nothing more than a ridiculous sexually frustrated middle aged man?   It could.    But if our character managed to avoid getting distracted by the literal form of the fantasy (and sent to jail),  maybe he would notice that it is trying to tell him something.    Perhaps it is trying to tell him that as went about finding his way in the world, something vital was lost.    Maybe it is a much larger and broader passion for life that is trying to wake up.    Yes, it would be irresponsible to take such a fantasy literally.   But it may also be irresponsible, in equal measure, to not listen to these fantasies, nor deeply consider what is trying to wake up in our own soul.

© Copyright David Aspenson

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