Monday, April 4, 2016

The gift of your attention

April 4, 2016

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If you are reading this right now you are giving me a precious and valuable gift, the gift of your attention. 

Thank you very much!

This is also a mutual exchange because I am giving you my full attention. Of course there are lot of potential distractions to my undivided attention. These include the people around me in my favorite coffee shop, the sounds and conversations, my own wandering thoughts, the simple temptation to give my attention to something or anything else that needs it, and as always - the magical internet.

But seriously, I want you to know that I do not take your attention for granted. 

I want to be explicit in my request because I am asking for your attention.

This kind of request is actually imbedded in all of the emails, phone calls, text messages, drop-ins, real letters in the mail and the hundreds of advertisements you see every day. Believe me, getting your attention is not left to chance. It is a science unto itself.

I am just telling you up front, I want your attention and am asking for it. With this daily post (except on my one rejuvenation day a week) I am sending a lot of such requests. And it is totally ok with me if you do want to do that. Unsubscribing below will register your no vote.

But thank you again if you are still here

As I said in my first post last week, my intention is to dig deep into all that I have to see how much value I can bring to you. I will not squander the gift of your attention. My only real qualifications for you is that you are a deep digger yourself, that you find something here that resonates with you in a positive way and that you remain willing to give me your attention.

If your intention is to bring forth what you have to give for yourself and for your world - we are in same tribe.

I was thinking this morning about a conversation I had last week with someone who is going through a very significant transition in her life.  (Interestingly, she just walked by in my coffee shop-my peripheral vision is always working.)  I asked her what she felt were the major organizing themes of this next chapter of her story.  A good question for such times. I can tell a good question because it is usually one I am asking of my own self. 

Here are two of my own guiding themes for life as I embark on the next leg of the journey:  

1) To be F&*%@NG SERIOUS in my commitment to support my whole self – not matter what, and to bring forth into the world my GREATNESS and the full range of my powers in service; and

2) To hold these commitments with lightness of being, fun, humor, silliness and even joy. 

Speaking of humor, I heard long ago that Paramahansa Yogananda described the whole universe as a kind of divine comedic movie. If we could pull back the curtain and see it from God’s perspective in the projection room we would all be laughing hysterically.  I guess he was saying the universe is God’s joke and that she does not intend it be solely a private one. I don’t know about all that.

But I do believe that laughing deep from the belly is one of our greatest pleasures and our greatest survival skill. 

If this is a time of significant transition for you, what are your guiding themes?  It would be good for you to know (and tell others).


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  1. Sounds good Dave. Keep on keepin' on!

  2. Attention. Yes, I want my own attention to the things that require razor focus that will blazing trajectory for the Comet I am.
    Meanwhile back on planet earth...
    Your image of digging also reminds me that this life is a work. That at times I was a horse pulling a plow, then I was the plow itself splitting the earth with someone else pulling, in my 40's I got hold of the guidelines and walked behind the plow, the 50's was a time of triple duty doing all three of the before mentioned. But now here at this transitional chosen re-wirement, I am just a chickadee riding on the harness singing while the earth is tilled. The plants will rise and I will be enjoying the kernals of a lifetime of diggin'. Then we'll be "bringing in the sheaves".

  3. that is ... "will blaze a trajectory for the Comet I am."

    1. That is really great Vic! A lifetime in one paragraph. I love 'Then we'll bringing in the sheaves'. Blaze on!