Thursday, April 14, 2016

Correct, continue and complete the course

April 14, 2016 

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I was blindfolded and trying to find my way through a maze made up of ropes.

I started out in a line of people, also all blindfolded and held on the person in front of me in hopes the whole group would find its way out of the maze and I could just follow. That didn't last. Soon I was stumbling around by myself and beginning to get anxious they might just leave me in there if I didn't figure it out myself. I didn't consciously plan to, but twice I attempted to cheat by slipping under a rope. Brilliant plan since I was blindfolded and the instructor could see. The second time she called out. "Maybe you ought to think about how you cheating in your life". Wow thanks for the feedback but how am I going to get out this frigging maze.

I could hear others were out of the maze, which made me feel even more discouraged. Then they all started chanting:  

Correct and continue.

Correct and continue.

Correct and continue.  

With the combination of the sound of their voice to guide me and the practical instruction of the chant, I found my way out of the damn maze (eventually). What a relief - and very good instruction driven into my body. 

It's coming back to me now as I am in the middle of new and different course.

I told you about earlier this week about my Motor Officer Motorcycle Training course. I think I am the slow learner in this course as well. It is really a challenge.

After the first day I told my small group of fellow trainees that I felt well positioned for the most improved student award. To pass, I have to drive throug through ten increasingly tight cone courses involving various tight u turns, weaves and circles. My goal is to take the test and pass.

But even more importantly my goal is to become a safe driver and to stretch my capacity to correct and continue in all directions.

Correct and continue is a good alternative to my default model which is keep doing what you are doing that is not working until you can't stand it...and then quit. One of my teachers, Doug Nelson (author of the book Catch Fire) advised me that the secret of success is to do something, screw it up, figure out a better way, and then do it again.  'Rinse and Repeat". 

I decided to not write again until I finish my course.  But I promise to resume on Monday.  

Please send me you energetic support for my course and final exam this Sunday.

As always, thank you for the gift of your attention.  


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