Monday, April 18, 2016

Crazy, lazy, weak and stupid

April 18, 2016 

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You are not crazy, weak, lazy or stupid. 

If you feel that way at the moment, it suggests you are up to something

If you attempt to do something hard you have not done previously, have something you have not had, or be something you have not been

you WILL stir up your own personal sh#$.

This does not mean you are crazy, lazy, weak or stupid.

It just means you are doing something of significance. 

The worst your feel, the more significant is the step you are attempting to take.

So the most effective next steps are to embrace it and keep going, learn more about the distinct patterns (we’re all like snowflakes ) of your own sh#$ (oh boy)  and figure out what you must do to handle it.

More tomorrow on my ‘trouble at the border’ and whether or not I passed my Motor Officer’s Motorcycle Safety course.

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