Monday, April 25, 2016

The entire process of transformation

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April 25, 2016

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The poets say it best.* 

My favorite poet, David Whyte completely mapped out the process of personal transformation in his poem Coleman's Bed

After thirty years of helping people with their transformation, and in the process embracing my own, I have not seen the soul's mechanics of lasting change captured better anywhere than in this single poem. Though much of Mr. Whyte's work speaks to me deeply, I am giving Coleman's Bed my main attention this year. 

The opening metaphor of this powerful poem is:  "Make a nesting now, a place to which the birds can come".

As this year began, after a long descent during which I was tempted to give up, I formed the intention to "make a nesting now". 

I decided to make a nesting now, not later, not someday. I had been thinking about it for decades. I had written about it. I had tried mightily to help others make their nest. But I decided, finally, to make a nesting for my own self.

...a place to which the birds can come. 

Every morning I sit and have coffee with my MSOBF (most significant other by far).  We watch the cardinals, woodpeckers, and chickadees come to our feeders.  Every morning they remind me to keep working on my nest. 

You can hear the entire poem on the replay of today's Lunch Break for Inner Nourishment.  (Click here for the replay.)

Perhaps tomorrow we will talk about "Kevin's prayerful palm holding the blackbird's egg".  

* Says my friend and mentor Stephen Gilligan who, more than anyone, opened me again to the poets I had abandoned.

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