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April 21,2016

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Esemplastic *

Between the borders
Of the Old North State, the Old Dominion
And Touring Heaven
As you roll up the throttle
You flap roll to a stop,
Someone let the air out of your tires.
Well Hell.
As you approached your new domain,
A territory yours, yet unclaimed
You've again been challenged, checked
A once and future midnight rider
and Sunday glider
This time, will you be mired
in the mud of the might have been past
And the foggy future of never was?
Will you gather the tears of frustrated confusion
And use them to fuel your ride
Into surrendering victory?
In your hand you hold the key
To ignite your fired dreams.
Though it might be missed
When gazing
Through the empty, unfulfilled
mist at the border
The sought for prize still exists
Just there, on the other side

Inspired by David Aspenson, at the border
From Paul Bramblett  (4/21/2016)

* The title word was invented by Samuel Taylor Coleridge 
and means the unifying power of the imagination'.

Copyright © 2016 David O. Aspenson, Ph.D

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