Tuesday, April 5, 2016

From stress to despair - more MBSE

April 5, 2016 

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Seriously folks, Mindlessness Based Stress Enhancement or MBSE TM is a joke!  I am writing backwards to both have fun and make a point.  Believe me you are working this program already, so am I! Enjoy the humor if it works for you and then think about it. “What are my main mindlessness practices?” Or how would I teach this course based upon my personal experience. 

Here’s the main point:

Whatever persistent problem you’re having - you have some consistent
and disciplined practices that are creating and supporting that problem. 

You don’t have to take my word for that, just do your own investigation. 

In the spirt of MBSE, I want to share a guest contribution from a colleague.

Dear David,

I’ve been offering a similar [to MBSE] course for years. I majored in depression in college, so I learned how to do a really good depression. In addition, I have treated hundreds of people who have also been depressed and so I’ve learned even better patterns of depression from them. You are welcome to add these recommendations to your curriculum. So, if you were going to set out to get good and depressed, here’s how I would recommend you do it:

1. Stay still, don’t do anything that makes your breathe fast or hard.

2. Stay in bed if you can; if not sit in the same chair or lay on the couch.

3. Isolate; avoid other people.

4. If you can’t avoid people, try to talk to them about the same topic, usually how                   depressed/unhappy you/they are.

5. Sleep during the day and have insomnia at night.

6. Brood on the past, fears, faults and resentments.

7. Imagine the future will be the same or worse than the past or present.

8. Eat terrible; overeat or under eat, whichever one you specialize in, eat junk foods,     sugar and fat.

9.  Don’t pursue hobbies, passions or spiritual interests.

10. Drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and /or use other drugs.

11. And most importantly, don’t ask for help.

If you would like to add some comments from your own area of expertise- please go below in the comments section and write them down for us all to enjoy and implement.  Amateurs are welcome!


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