Saturday, April 30, 2016

habit gravity and escape velocity

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April 30, 2016

Habit Gravity & Escape Velocity

This last month has been my most intense and positive month of training of a lifetime. And that’s saying something as I have done a lot of intense training over the years. 

Training #! was in Clinical Hypnosis or more accurately the process of generative coaching and psychotherapy as thought my F&M Stephen Gilligan. 

The second training I told you about already, was five days of Motor Officer Motorcycle Safety training. 

#3, of which I am right in the middle of, is training in Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. The first product I am launching is actually me. Dr. Dave version 3.0. The next product I intend to lhelp aunch is version 3.0 of you! 

One of the most helpful metaphors of launching I have ever heard Is from Eben Pagan. (His pen name is David DeAngelo and his first book is still available Double Your Dating for Men). He taught me about habit gravity. 

Whenever we attempt something new we have to escape the habit gravity of our old habits. In a real rocket launch almost all of the energy burned is used when the rocket struggles to leave the ground until it reaches escape velocity. That’s all I have time for this morning, so I will leave that with you to ponder how it applies
 to anywhere or any way that you are currently attempting your own launch. 

As always, thank you very much for your attention and your conversation.

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