Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Re: Trouble at the border

April 20, 2016 

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For me, the most joyous thing of writing to you is hearing your responses. This is Paul's poetic response to yesterday's post*:

Re: Trouble at the border

Though it might be missed

When gazing 

Through the gray, shapeless

mist at the border

The sought for prize still exists

Just there, on the other side

I was pushing someone today to claim a prize he had already won. He wanted to talk about his 'trouble', but it was clear he had already crossed that border and it was time to acknowledge and claim the prize he had won. I thought it was a great prize. (I won't speak of it now as I do not have his permission.)

He helped me see that one way to take heart when making the crossing, is to remember the borders you have already crossed. Claim the prizes already won. Remember those prizes and the trouble you passed through to get to the other side.  

You will then become an inspiration unto Your Self 

As you cross your next border...the one on which your life depends 

*click here if you missed it.

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