Saturday, April 9, 2016

The next stage of our evolution (and possibly yours)

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The next stage of our evolution:
Inner non-violence and world peace

I told my congregation at the coffee shop last week my vision of the next stage of the evolution of our collective human species. Here it is:

The next stage of our evolution is psychological and spiritual.  This stage will emerge when the entire human race, across all dimensions of race, gender, nationalties, age and religion (and any others), collectively understand deep in our psyches, governments, institutions, families, culture and even DNA,  that -

there is no OTHER outside of our own Self -  
The OTHER lives within.  

We must recognize that the Other lives in the breast of each and every single one of us. The prisoner lives within the jailer. And the jailer lives within prisoner. The slave lives within the master and the master lives within the slave. 

We will only see this when a critical mass of humanity see that there is no OTHER out there to destroy and then -   also refuses to unleash inner violence on the Other within. Then we will be in a position to collectively practice that awareness for the first time since humans first started fighting over their corner of their dirt in a cave.

So we must vow not to do violence to the enemy within or without.

When we sing "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me" it is not a casual or romantic tune to whistle in the shower. For peace to begin with me, will not mean just being "peaceful". It is about having the fierceness of a warrior to commit to non-violence with and for your own self.

Those who have the courage to confront the other within and learn to love this enemy, will be our leaders.

Each of us can start now. There is no time to lose!

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