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The original MBSE program - Your guide to mindlessness based stress enhancement

April 1, 2016

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Your guide to Mindlessness Based Stress Enhancement MBSE TM

Announcing the launch of my new system for Mindlessness Based Stress Enhancement MBSE TM

With the tools of MBSE you will:

  • Develop the skills of Neuromuscular Lock for both initiating and amplifying your stress response.
  • Learn to use these skills to increase your level of tension and ineffectiveness in any context you choose.
  • Learn the key elements of shallow breathing and the capacity to induce panic at will.
  • Practice your capacity for rigidity and holding onto fixed and inflexible outcomes at all costs.

  • Move beyond Flight and Fight to the more advanced levels of Frozen and even Total Collapse.

  • Learn how to mine the full benefit of the most potent technological advance to support mindlessness yet invented- your inbox.

As an added bonus, you will learn the secrets of mindlessness for -

relationship disruption,

supporting weight gain and other self-destructive habits

and the consistent experience of a wide variety of chronic illnesses.

Here are some exercises you can do right now so you can begin to implement the power of the MBSE system. 

Exercise # 1

Find some suitable junk food and practice eating it without really noticing that you are eating. Work to develop the skill to simply eat it without remembering when you ate it- as if your food simply disappeared. You can use distractions to help. Most anything will work for this purpose such as watching TV, checking your email on the phone, conversing (or better yet fighting) with someone, driving or even all of these at once. 

Exercise # 2

A Mindlessness Meditation exercise:

Take a moment to notice any parts of your body that might be feeling a little relaxed and then ignore them. In fact, for now -

pretend you do not really have a body and put all of your focus on your mind and your thoughts.

Remember that whatever your mind thinks is likely to be literally true. You can let your thoughts wander to any part of your life that is going relatively well and begin to think about all the different ways in which that situation is a complete accident and will soon evaporate into some something unfortunate.

Or, even better, think very hard about everything that is not going so well and focus intently on how that is going to endure and endure - no matter what you do.

With practice you can begin to use the power of your imagination to think of future disasters beyond what you have experienced till now. Imagine them 'as if' they are already happening.

With this simple basic human tool of focused imagination you do not have to wait for the future, you can feel bad now. 

STAY TUNED as more details of this new groundbreaking product will be forthcoming. 

Most of the training will be conducted online so that it will be easy to do many other things on the computer at the same time to help support your general lack of focus.

There will however be an inaugural spring Mindlessness Retreat held in one of the local shopping malls. Further details to follow.


Copyright © 2016 David O. Aspenson, Ph.D


  1. I love this entry. Excellent exercises, sure to get you to misery.

  2. I love this entry. Excellent exercises, sure to get you to misery.

  3. Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave,
    Have you been spranklin'
    Jalapeño Infused Imported Hand Grated Wizened Dudes Flakes on your morning
    Porridge as of late ???
    If so ... keep it up if not;
    it is in the "Been there, thought I invented that unique unto myself particular form of suffering then sold the handscreened T-Shirt which proclaimed I survived."
    Keep this scratching ink to paper routine. You are Goooood. You are owning your "innerds well earned learnings" and now we your mirroring novices of life Amen the Proverbial and Probable Wayness.

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