Tuesday, April 26, 2016

the poets say it best

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April 26, 2016

As I proclaimed yesterday - the poets say it best

and my favorite poet, David Whyte completely mapped out the process of personal transformation in his poem Coleman's Bed

Click here for a recent reading of the entire poem. ( I promise this link will work.)

After thirty years of helping people with their transformation, and in the process embracing my own, I have not seen the soul's mechanics of lasting change captured better anywhere than in this single poem.

Make a nesting now, a place to which
the birds can come, think of Kevin's
prayerful palm holding the blackbird's egg
and be the one, looking out from this place
who warms interior forms into light.

Remember holding a delicate bird's egg? 

Remember how it almost feels like it could float above your hand weightless? 

If no one is looking, or if you don't care that they are,

go ahead and hold your palms in that prayerful position.

Take a moment to imagine and feel them holding that delicate egg.

In these palms you can warm your own interior forms into light.

If you are not sure what those forms might be...think of the most vexing problem you are having in your work on your self.

That is one of your interior forms in need of the warmth of your light. 

Hold him or her - nestled right there in those prayerful palms -

and linger a little while

before dashing off to whatever the next business of the day might be.

* Says my friend and mentor Stephen Gilligan who, more than anyone, opened me again to the poets I had abandoned.


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