Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trouble at the border

April 19, 2016 

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Today’s nugget

Whenever we attempt to move our deep and burning desire from our imagination into the real physical/material world…we will always have trouble at the border* between our imagination and our manifested creation. 

All desires are born in the imagination. But if we leave them in our imagination we become what is known as a “dreamer”. 

The game of our life it to move that desire into the world. But as I said yesterday it is right there…at the border where all our sh#$ is stirred up and we confront whatever is that we have to work on in our self to get where we want to go.

Writing this post every day is a passage through my border. So I am writing here mostly for my own self. (It is part of my path of Enlightened Selfishness.) The desire I am bringing across for my own Self is a big one. The largest part of that desire is to map out whatever I can about the passage across and take as many fellow adventurers with me as I can.

I am sure the world is waiting with baited breath to learn the results of my intensive training in Motorcycle Officer Safety Training. As I said last week, to pass the course I needed to successfully navigate 10 different precision maneuvering courses on my bike (A blue 2002 BMW R1150RT named "Gretchen"). 

I not only didn’t pass, I didn’t even take the test. In this course, taking the test was ‘optional’ since no one in this class was literally training to get work as a motor cop. However, the choice was taken out my hands by the fates. On the way home the night before the last day of training, I somehow picked up a car key on the road which gouged itself into my rear tire. Fortunately, I was almost home and the key stayed in the tire as a plug so I could make it home safely.  I did complete the course, but will have to wait until next time to pass the test.
Speaking of safety, after this very intensive safety training, I am thinking deeply about how to cross the border safely. More on that tomorrow (I think). 

Travel safely,
Your new self-appointed Safety Officer and Border Guide

*"Trouble at the border" is a metaphor I first heard from the the psychologist Maria Nemeth,   author of book, The Energy of Money, A  Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment.

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