Thursday, April 7, 2016

Where do you most need help?

April 7, 2016 

Dave's Daily Dig
For anyone digging deep for the hidden treasure
to change their life and world for the better


I am probably going to excavate this metaphor for the last of its ore so I want to describe the hole from which I am digging for you.  

It is made of 1) 30 years of doing my best to stand with people on some the most hazardous edges of their life and learn to be helpful;

2) 61 years of my adventure and finding my own way around those edges - without falling off and landing on the rocks below (so far);

 3) A large host of teachers, supervisors, therapists, coaches, trainers, colleagues, authors and mentors who have helped me;

4)  An even larger host of my clients, patients and students who have taught me and continue to teach me every day.  

I decided to start writing this daily post because I believe, when I consider the experience above, that there must be a treasure in there somewhere. And I believe it is my job to do my best to share that with you.  It feels like a risky venture right now because I do not really know for sure that the treasure I am imagining truly exits or not.

Ultimately, this can only be treasure for me if am able to help you move further into wherever it is that you truly intend to do and be.

So to do that, I need your help.

Think of it this way, if some one could truly help you with the most persistent and troublesome pain of your life- what would that be?  

What are your greatest fears?  

If someone could help you lay claim to  the most deepest reward and treasure of your life that you are longing for - what would that be?

It would be of great benefit just to ask and consider these questions for your own self.  But I would like to hear from you, if you would be willing to share with me your thoughts.  

You can send me an email, we can talk a bit by phone or skype, or send me an old fashioned letter.  If you'd be willing to have a more public conversation, you can go to my blog and post a comment there.

Talk with you soon!

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  1. I have a habit of "doing it for myself" and it worked for awhile... it was a knee jerk thing from a childhood of needing to be my own adult while navigating the shoals of being just a kid with skinned knees. If there is a way to receive help for a persistent pain I'd love that. But simply asking for help is painful. The pain of the pain is painful. I'd like not to let things go to such an extreme that it takes an ambulance to get to the help (i.e. whether mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). The help I most need is in getting more honest and less stubborn about looking away from the obvious places where pretending all if "fine" becomes "HELP !!!"
    There is a vigilance and a practice of awareness here that I forget at times but am gently led back to after a painingful period.
    My hope is to keep practices, relationships, work, my creativity and personal care in balance.
    Reading your Blog is a ritual I feel is helpful already.
    I am less fearful knowing you are willing to "risk" the vulnerability to put your musings, and experiences in this Blog.
    The "Deepest Treasure" of my life is loving myself, being kind to myself, respecting my wants,
    my desires and yes... the needs. When I found love for Self/self, I attracted a Love with my husband which is a dream. LOVE is the deepest reward.
    So this improvisational dialogue begins in earnest. It is like Jazz... we know the form of the song but where you take it can be a complete Mystery. That is it... I know it now that my pain is when I think I understand life. The Reward and Treasure is the thing I cannot control but that breaks open any locked part of my fearful feral childself and WONDERMENT occurs. How to Wonder?

  2. Thank you Vic! This is beautifully touching and I will read again and respond when I have time to do it justice. (I mean when I make time to do that!)