Wednesday, April 6, 2016

You must take this step FIRST

April 6, 2016 

Dave's Daily Dig
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to change their life and world for the better


Here is  today's nugget from my daily dig -

To create something new in your life,
you must first create a place within your Self
to hold your desire.   

Skip this step, and your project will always flounder. Or to put it positively, if your project is floundering  - come back to this step.

Remember this first step is always between you and you. You can gather ideas and support from others, but it is your job to create this place in your body and soul. 

You must create it and then guard it jealously.  

Don't look for others support for this step. Or even worse, don't look for others permission to tell  you it's okay to have your desire.

You have to decide this for yourself.

Gandi said: "Be the change you want to see in the world".  In this context I say:

"Be the desire you want to have and express in this life"

For more application consider -

1 Remember a specific desire you had or have that you know you fully supported, even though no else really understood or supported you- even if you were actively discouraged by others. 

2 Take a moment, breathe and locate your support of your self and this desire in your body.  Where do you feel it?  

3 Where ever that is in your body- breathe into it, connect to it and feel how it expands.

4 Now, identify a desire that you have almost given up on, but it is still alive enough that you know it is there.

5 Invite that same nearly abandoned desire into the very same space in your body and let it rest and breathe there.   You are breathing life into it.   

6 Consider if there might be some new commitment or sacred vow you would be willing to make that would invite this desire into your life and world. 

7 Do something about it today.

Today's post is dedicated to my friend whose conversation today helped me see and articulate this nugget. May the desire you claim within - take visible shape in your life. (She wants to know if the guy in the image above is ever going to get out of his hole. He may come out in China

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